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NIISQ Services

About NIISQ and the NIISQ Agency

Understanding NIISQ: The National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (NIISQ) offers lifetime support for individuals who experience serious personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents occurring in Queensland on or after July 1, 2016. This no-fault scheme focuses on necessary, reasonable treatment and care.

The Role of the NIISQ Agency: The National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency) is the governing body of NIISQ. They assess eligibility, arrange payment for necessary services, and oversee the quality of services delivered to NIISQ participants.

How We Can Help You

Attendant Care & Support: If you are an NIISQ participant, we may be able to assist with your attendant care and support needs. Reach out to us directly, or contact the NIISQ Agency, to explore your options and determine the best solution for your situation.

Find More Information

For comprehensive information about NIISQ, please visit the official website: